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NAFI'S Hot Pepper Condiments & Sauces!

We make Habaneros pepper products in NYC that are VEGAN, all-natural (no preservatives) and contain fresh herbs and spices.  NAFI’S Condiments and Original Sauces are  inspired by  family traditions and recipes from the Sahel region of West Africa.  
While most hot sauces are diluted and offer mostly heat, NAFI’S products are carefully simmered and concentrated to not only bring some heat to your dishes, but also savory taste.    
Simply add any NAFI’S condiment to a plate of rice, or use as a base for soups and stews.  The versatility of our products will amaze you.  They make great rubs for grilling and can be diluted for marinades, salad dressings, and much more.  Naturally low in fat, sodium NAFI’S condiments are a healthy addition to any meal!  NAFI’S will soon become your favorite secret ingredient.  

Our condiments are available in five flavors:
 ·  Cumin 
 ·  Curry 
 ·  Ginger/Lemongrass 
 ·  Mango/Tamarind 
 ·  Peanut/Tomato
Our sauces are available in two flavors 8oz or .12oz jars 
   . African peanut Sauce
   . Coconut Curry Sauce 
               with Yams                    

We are so proud to inform you that NAFI'S products  now at WHOLEFOODS Tribeca and  WHOLEFOODS UPWS on 97th street at Columbus avenue.  Please note the following demos dates and stop by to sample our products!...February 26TH 2014 at the TRIBECA store from 11 am to 3pm and on December Februay 28TH from 3PM TO 7PM  at the UWS store on Columbus avenue and 97th street. We are  looking forward to meeting you   there!..We will keep you posted on all the other demos dates.

NAFI'S created beautiful gifts baskets! Check our products page to discover them. 

We are happy to offer free deliveries in Manhattan for orders over $20. NAFI'S is a proud donor to "Doctors without borders", 
and "Oxfam". 

We encourage you to share with us on facebook and Twitter your favorite ways of using our products and where you found us!

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